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Institutional Advancement

Women of La Reine High School Class of 1971
Men of Bishop McNamara High School Class of 1985

Value Statement

Bishop McNamara High School values providing an affordable Catholic education rooted in the Holy Cross mission and charism through proactively developing financial resources, funding and support.

Goal and Objectives

I. Bishop McNamara High School will manage and expand its assets in support of our Holy Cross mission and charism.  To accomplish this goal, the school will:

  • Utilize advancement best practices to establish an Endowment with an aspired goal of five million dollars within five years of its initiation
  • Increase alumni giving participation rate to 15% over the next five years.
  • Remain steadfast in our commitment to securing grants from both the public and private sectors for the benefit of the entire school community.
  • Create a comprehensive and integrated marketing program available for use by all departments within Bishop McNamara High School.

II. Bishop McNamara High School will actively engage our sisters from La Reine High School in our school community.  To accomplish this goal, the school will:

  • Proactively seek ways to integrate the unique mission and history of La Reine High School and the Bernadine Sisters.
  • Build upon the existing legacy of Catholic Education in Prince George’s County as a way to engage and enhance the presence of our sisters from La Reine in the Bishop McNamara High School Community.
  • Continue to maintain and update the database of alumnae from La Reine High School and serve as a resource for reunion planning.