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Who Is A Holy Cross Educator?

Math Department Chair, Mrs. Diehlmann, works through Algebra problems in Math class.


  1. A Holy Cross Teacher evangelizes, educates and inspires through personal witness.
  2. A Holy Cross Teacher constantly strives to professionalize, expand and enrich his/her own knowledge in order to better teach and lead the young people he/she is called to serve.
  3. A Holy Cross Teacher rejoices in and is nourished by cultural, spiritual and racial diversity.
  4. A Holy Cross Teacher believes in the innate potential of young people and strives to reach out to each child with a wide range of learning opportunities.
  5. A Holy Cross Teacher believes that a school must also be a family.
  6. A Holy Cross Teacher is proud of his/her profession and all that he/she does reflects that professional pride.
  7. A Holy Cross Teacher instructs not only in a specific discipline, but empowers through instruction and personal witness so that students can become informed and responsible citizens.
  8. A Holy Cross Teacher instills in each young person a sense of self worth and dignity.
  9. A Holy Cross Teacher fosters among his/her students a self respect and self discipline that allows each student to honor and respect others.
  10. A Holy Cross Teacher gives freely of him/herself, and through that generous sharing of self, he/she becomes a model that young people can emulate.
  11. A Holy Cross Teacher understands that a school is a building that has within its four walls the power to change the world.