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Senior Service Projects

Class of 2014

Goals of the Senior Christian Service Project

Overview of Senior Christian Service Project

Please contact Ms. Longest in the Campus Ministry Office or email if you are interested in working on a Senior Christian Service Project.

Steps to Project Completion

  1. Choose a Project Moderator (BMHS coach, teacher, staff) and brainstorm Project Ideas
  2. Complete the Interest and Talent Evaluation and the Organization Needs Assessment (due: 3/26 for summer project, 9/23 for fall project)
  3. Create a Project Description and Project Step by Step Plan (due: 4/9 for summer project, 10/11 for fall project)
  4. Submit the Rough Draft of the Senior Project Proposal (due: 5/3 for summer project, 10/21 for fall project)
  5. Submit Final Proposal (due: 5/22 for summer project, 11/4 for fall project)/
  6. Start on project AFTER receiving approval from Ms. Longest in the Campus Ministry Office
  7. Complete Project (Summer or Fall)
  8. Contact Ms. Longest and religion teacher to schedule a time during religion class to present project
  9. Submit Binder and Present Project (Summer due: 10/15, Fall due: 2/3)

Project Presentation Information: