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Student perform lyrical number

Dance Courses Offered: (see Course Bulletin for descriptions and prerequisites)

Beginning Ballet
Beginning/Intermediate Ballet
Intermediate/Advanced Ballet
Advanced Ballet
Beginning Jazz
Beginning/Intermediate Jazz
Intermediate/Advanced Jazz
Advanced Jazz
Beginning Lyrical Jazz
Beginning/Intermediate Lyrical Jazz
Intermediate/Advanced Lyrical Jazz
Advanced Lyrical Jazz
Beginning Tap
Beginning/Intermediate Tap
Intermediate/Advanced Tap
Advanced Tap
Traditional African Dance & Music I
Traditional African Dance & Music II
Traditional African Dance & Music III
Traditional African Dance & Music IV
Sankofa Company

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The Bishop McNamara High School African Music and Dance Program has dynamic and innovative classes designed to celebrate the rich and diverse culture of African music and dance in America. Led by Mr. Victor Bah, students learn the intricacies of the arts, live drumming, and African contemporary movement. This video showcases this one of a kind high school program.