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ACE Mentoring Program

Bishop McNamara students present their winning proposal for design during the ACE Mentor Scholarship Awards 2012

The ACE Mentor Program provides early career exposure, mentoring, and scholarships to Bishop McNamara High School students in an attempt to encourage them to enter one of the three fields that make up the ACE acronym: (1) architecture; (2) construction; and (3) engineering. Founded in 1993 by longtime engineering consultant Charles Thornton, the program is increasingly being seen as one potentially effective model for reaching the goal of getting more youths into science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, or stem-related, careers. The ACE program operates as an after-school activity. Members of the program meet twice a week for classes led by teachers and industry professionals who volunteer their time. Guest speakers and site tours are regular features of the class. The capstone of the experience comes in spring when students from chapters nationwide present proposals to design or redesign various structures at the American Institute of Architects (AIA) in Washington. 

ACE Mentoring Program Moderator: Mr. Victor Shin


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ACE Mentoring Club visits Northrop Grumman

Members of the ACE Mentoring Club had the opportunity to tour the facilities of Northrop Grumman in Lanham, MD.  The students learned about 3-D modeling, production of computer hardware, space satellites, and much more.  Special thanks to Mr. Tracey Clay, parent of Randall Clay '13, in organizing the trip.