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Student Council

The purpose of the Student Council is to promote a sense of leadership among students. Its mission is to encourage the involvement and participation of students in all social, political and recreational aspects of the school. As an easily accessible body of opinion, it is a forum in which the concerns and points of view of both students and the administration may be expressed. The Student Council is designed to be viewed as an organization that provides an influential voice regarding all phases of school life.

The moderator directs the Council and gives it a sense of purpose and vision. He/she oversees all Student Council activities and challenges the Council to be a positive influence on school life.
Special Student Council activities include Freshman Field Day, Homecoming Week, Food Drive, Blood Drive, regularly scheduled meetings and elections for Class Cabinets and Class and Student Council officers.
Ms. Angela De Leonibus
Executive Student Council:
President-Anthony Diehlmann
Vice President-Julia Smith
Secretary/Treasurer-Si Eun “Kevin” Jung
Liaison-Breanna Ross